Eiffel Higher and higher

In 2023 on the esplanade of the Eiffel Tower

April 18th until Sept. 30th 2024 at the Tallinn TV Tower



Although we all take the Eiffel Tower for granted today, we mustn’t forget the major aesthetic and technological turning point it represented at the time, and the thousands of obstacles Gustave Eiffel had to overcome to build what would be his masterpiece, and defend it against very determined opponents and against rival tower projects, now forgotten, that threatened to be completed before his, or be even higher.

To mark the centenary of the death of this great engineer, entrepreneur, and scientist, the UNESCO supported exhibition: Eiffel – Higher and higher, invites you to explore the incredible race to build higher and higher in which Gustave Eiffel was the main contender, and rediscover his work in a brand new light. 

The rich iconography, including archives which have never been shown publicly before, allowed its curator, Savin Yeatman-Eiffel, and the artists of studio Sav! The World, to create dynamic visual compositions aimed as much towards history buffs as the general public.

The exhibition first opened in Paris on the esplanade of the Eiffel Tower from July 11th 2023 to January 11th 2024 with, among others,  the support of the Eiffel Tower (SETE) and the Association of the Descendants of Gustave Eiffel (ADGE). It is now ready to travel to other locations, including the Tallinn TV Tower from April 2024.


Dates & locations

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The catalogue of the exhibition Eiffel – Higher and higher is now available on our site.

With 64 pages; texts in French, English and Spanish; and more than 150 illustrations – a large number of which published for the very first time, it’s a must have for all fans of Gustave Eiffel and his famous tower!



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